Basketball Training

One to three athletes join our team of professionals for one hour training sessions.
From warm-up to cool down, athletes train just as a professional player would with personalized workouts tuned to help each athlete reach their potential.


A combination of stretching and dynamic warm-up exercises to help athletes perform throughout the session and avoid injuries.

Skill Work

Intense workouts, tailor-made for each athlete to improve their scoring, passing, ball-handling, and defense. Each skill work session is unique to enable athletes to overcome their weaknesses and strengthen fundamental skills.


Athletes complete the same conditioning drills used by professional players to build strength, develop their speed, and improve their stamina.

Cool Down

To help athletes stay strong and healthy, sessions conclude with cool down stretches and recovery techniques and tools used by the world’s elite teams and trainers.


Our son has been training with Pros Vision for 8 months now and we can’t thank the coaches enough for the guidance, coaching and personal attention they give each player. Their attention to detail and passion for the game is second to none. Not only do their drills challenge our son physically but the mental toughness and confidence they’ve have instilled onto him on and off the course has been life changing. Their workouts are intense and it has challenged our son to exceed even his own expectations. They have built a program that provides knowledge of what it takes to play at the next level as well as a track record of elevating player skills from good to great! Best coaches out there! - Kristan from Glendora, CA